Use Section Orientation to Modify Sketch Plane, Creo

Often when creating a sketch, the sketch plane orientation is not as expected, especially if you create text. Rather than cancelling and restarting the feature, simply change the orientation within the sketch.

Step 1

In the image below, we want to add a sketch feature to the FRONT plane.

Step 2

Once in the sketch mode, you can select to change the orientation by selecting a few options in the SETUP pull-down menu. The options include

  • Set Horizontal Reference
  • Set Vertical Reference
  • Flip Section Orientation
  • Flip Sketching Plane.


Set Horizontal Reference will make that selected face horizontal.

Set Vertical Reference will make that selected face vertical.

Flip Section Orientation will rotate the section 180°.

Flip Sketching Plane will rotate the section to show the back side.

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