Determine liquid volume, SolidWorks

Sometimes you need to determine a liquid volume of a container, but the shape may make it difficult. In the tutorial, we will determine the liquid volume of an existing cup with only a single feature.


The cup model is shown below, and also in cross-section.

2016-11-03_1104 2016-11-03_1105

Step 2

We start be creating a Reference Plane that will determine the top of the liquid level mark. The Plane was made as offset from the base (below).


Step 3

Next, we create a Boss with the sketch plane on the new Reference Plane. Select the inner face and select Convert Entities.

2016-11-03_1108 2016-11-03_1109

Step 4

When the sketch is created, select to Extrude using Up To Body and pick the model.


Step 5

The trick is to un-select the Merge Result button. This will create a feature (Boss-Extrude 3) that is not attached to the actual model.

2016-11-03_1151 2016-11-03_1152

Step 6

Now in Evaluate, select Mass Properties. Delete the selection called Part, and select the feature just created. The Mass Properties results will now only be for the un-merged featured. This is your liquid in the model.

2016-11-03_1152_001 2016-11-03_1153

Step 7

You can suppress the feature and save your model.


Have fun and enjoy.

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