Easily add Global Variable to drive a Pattern, SolidWorks

Sometimes you need to drive a dimension or value using a Global Variable. In this case, we will control the instances of a hole in a Circular Pattern using a Global Variable.

Step 1
We create the model below as an example. We will use the cut to create a Circular Pattern around the center of the disk.


Step 2
Next we will create a Global Variable called “NUMBER” and give it a value of 4. Select TOOLS/EQUATIONS to access the menu.


In the Global Variables section, enter the name” NUMBER”, and the VALUE as “4”. Select OK to accept.


Step 3
Create a Circular Pattern, and select the cut as the feature. Select the axis or the revolved face as the pattern center.


Step 4
In the “Number of Instances” box, enter the equal sign “=” to access the Global Variables that are available. Select the variable called “NUMBER” that we created before.


Step 5
Accept the Pattern and rebuild the model. Notice that the EQUATIONS folder is now available in the Feature Manager Design Tree.


Step 6
Change the Global Variable and see how the model reacts. Right-click EQUATIONS and select Manage Equations.


Change from 4 to 6, and press REBUILD.


Your model should now have 6 holes.


Thank you for reading this tutorial.

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