Use SENSORS to evaluate your model, SolidWorks

Sometimes you need to keep an eye out for changes to your model as you develop it. If you have a part that is weight sensitive, you can add a SENSOR to determine if you approach or pass a certain threshold.

First, start working on your model. We have a simple bracket below, with a material specified as 6061-T6 aluminum.


Next, we add a SENSOR alert. Right-click the ADD SENSOR icon, or select in the main menu EVALUATE/SENSOR.


Since we want to keep an eye on the overall part weight, we select Sensor Type>Mass Properties and Properties>Mass. Pick the part on the main display. It will appear in the collector box in blue.


Now add the condition that will trigger the sensor, this is the ALERT. We selected a mass greater than 0.095 lbs.


Now back in the model, we select to modify the base from 0.125″ to 0.250″ thick and Rebuilt.




After a Rebuild, we get a SENSOR warning that we exceeded the target of 0.095lbs. At this point, we need to modify the model to be under the 0.095lb limit.


The SENSOR feature not only allows you to investigate the part mass, but also SIMULATION DATA, DIMENSIONS, MEASUREMENTS, COSTING, and MASS PROPERTIES.


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