Use Split Line to break surfaces, SolidWorks

Sometimes you need to break a continuous surface to add a different color or finish. Instead of creating a new feature or surface to apply that color, use Split Lines to achieve the desired effect.

Step 1: Create the desired model. Our example is a simple cylinder.



Step 2: Create an offset Reference Plane to be used as a new sketch surface.



Step 3: Create the desired sketch profile. I selected a simple “swoosh” image.



Step 4: Complete the sketch and select Split Line form the Curves menu.



Step 5: Select Projection option, and pick the sketch and surface to apply it to. Pick Single Direction (see arrow) to apply the projection on a single side.



Step 6: Accept the projection and admire your new feature. Hover your mouse over the new feature to see the face highlight by itself.



Step 7: Right-mouse-button select the surface inside the projected sketch. Pick the option to change the Face color.



Step 8: Voila!! Now you can add colors to specific areas of faces without making cuts or new surfaces.


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